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Watch stuff is moving to https://tinker.crq.systems !

Sticky Post

This was all getting untidy. Politics and computers and watches. So I created a special page for watch stuff, here: https://tinker.crq.systems/ . The previous watch stuff will be slowly phased out from here (it is all on the new site,… Continue Reading →

The Double Red Sea-dweller (ref 1665)

This is an iconic watch from Rolex. You can read about the history of the model here. I will just recap. Sea-dwellers were meant to cater to the niche market of the saturation divers, that is people who needed something… Continue Reading →

Playing with the Hulk (116610LV)

The green Rolex Submariner, serial number 116610LV (for Lunette Verte, i.e. the green bezel), also called ‘The Hulk’, because it is big and green :). They are relatively recent model from Rolex. I am sure one can google it, but… Continue Reading →

Playing with the Submariner (update)

So, this is a followup from a previous post about the subs I bought. There was some more stuff I wanted to do: Swap the movement for the VR/SA3135, the new version of the Noob 3135 clone. It is getting… Continue Reading →

Playing with the Submariner

So, I already own a DSSD and a SD43, but I thought perhaps the regular submariner (116610LN) is the way to go. Submariners have a long, illustrious history. They first went on sale in 1955 and have gone through many… Continue Reading →

The no-deal rationale

A narrative emerges: “The EU anti tax avoidance laws will come into action soon, therefore the UK billionaires want to get the UK out of the EU asap with no extension to ART50”. Panama papers shoud give one a clue… Continue Reading →

Leaving Cambridge

After five years and a bit, we are leaving Cambridge. It is somewhat bitter-sweet parting. I’ve met some good friends here and people that I genuinely like (and some of them seem to like me). I’ve met a bunch of… Continue Reading →

Omega Seamaster PRO Chronograph (2599.80.00)

There are a few replicas that are so good that they are termed NWBIG (Not Worth Buying In Genuine) in the replica watch community. Many Breitlings fall into that category, because apart from the bling, Breitling, until recently, put stock… Continue Reading →

Omega Seamaster PRO GMT (2535.80.00) Revisited (Update #3)

After the first two updates (both in this post), I got along fairly well with the SMP. It got put into my regular rotation and it was fairly accurate (~+2s/d). However, I noticed two things: (1) The GMT hand would… Continue Reading →

Stop attempting to hack my page, please.

Seriously, guys. I know it is fun, but stop trying to reset my wordpress password. There are sites out there that have a lot worse protection than this one. Why don’t you set your bots on that? If you are… Continue Reading →

The Brexit choices, Brexodus and rocky road ahead

It occurs to me that there is fundamental disconnect between reality and the expectations of English people. It looks like the tories expect to crash out of the EU without a deal, but attempt to pin it on the EU…. Continue Reading →

New Immigration rules

New immigration rules leaked to the Guardian. For those who are still interested in this freak-show: – no more indefinite right to remain. At most one could stay in England is for five years. So, better not plan to attend… Continue Reading →

The rise of fascism in the West and the need to be loved

A colleaugue of mine, posted a note on Facebook, comparing Trump to Berlusconi. This is what I think about it. I think, actually, that a comparison to Mussolini would be more apt. What, with the planned military parades (and here), the… Continue Reading →

The fight for the interpretation (or: After the Brexit speech on January 17th, 2017)

  There is now a fight going on about what the British people wanted when they voted to leave the EU. The first rational thing to do in this case is to look at the referendum question. It was exactly… Continue Reading →

Restoring the Rolex DeepSea Sea Dweller [Updated! 05.jan.2017]

Rolex DeepSea Sea Dweller is an iconic watch. Until it was superseeded by Deepsea Challenge it was the most water-resistant mechanical watch in the world.  It is certified to 3.9km depth! One of the DeepSea Sea Dwellers has actually been on the… Continue Reading →

iPhone 7 audio jack saga

OK, the fallout begins. Here is a story from VOX about why apple abolished the headphone jack: How badly is this written? The arguments are if I briefly list them: (a) Apple has done this before. Initially with the iMac… Continue Reading →

Mladina about Brexit

I translated an article in Slovene about Brexit from a popular Slovene Magazine Mladina. To be clear, the following text is not mine, it was written by Grega Repovž and the original can be found here: http://mladina.si/175145/cas-za-delavsko-internacionalo/ All the rights are retained… Continue Reading →

Brexit postmortem as it is happening

    Well. Hard to say anything really. I was ambivalent before and still am. On one hand I am childishly expecting the screws to start tightening, on another I still cannot believe someone could be so insane. The markets… Continue Reading →


OK, let’s talk about Brexit. I have only peripherally been following this overly politicized storm in a tea cup. It is not that I think it is impossible for Britain to shoot itself in the foot and “leave”. I guess… Continue Reading →

About nationalism

Recently, I came across posts on Facebook, claiming that politicians are importing refugees and migrants into their countries in order to get their votes. Since this is exactly what I proposed about six months ago I don’t have an issue… Continue Reading →

About stealing articles and free knowledge

There was recently an article about a Russian researcher running an article hub, here. In a nutshell, they made most of the world’s scanned journal articles available online, free of charge. I say ‘made’, because while the site is still live,… Continue Reading →

After Paris

I actually wrote this some weeks ago. But it is still topical. D I keep seeing posts on the Internet about how it isn’t good that the person or person(s) responsible for the Paris attacks had their passport stamped in… Continue Reading →

The human condition

I wrote this on a trans-Atlantic flight several years ago. I just came across it and thought I’d put it here. DM I am on this flight to L.A. and it is taking a while. 10.000 mile flights do.  A… Continue Reading →

The Restoration of Sector STE200 part 2

The Restoration of Sector STE200 part 2 This post has moved to a new, dedicated, watch blog.

Waterproofing replicas part 2

Waterproofing replicas part 2 This post has moved to a new, dedicated watch blog.

Waterproofing replicas part 1

Waterproofing replicas part 1 This post has moved to a new, dedicated watch blog.

About academic fraud

I have done a presentation for a web-security firm in 2011. The presentation is here, and it is live, my voice and picture included. I talked to a crowded room. I was nervous but it went fine. Recently, I needed… Continue Reading →

Improving the science

Here is a post about how science could be improved. To sum up: Stop people from hitching themselves up on work of other, junior, researchers (stop ghost or honorific authorship). Rethink REF and implement other measures of academic merit Support… Continue Reading →

On Deception and Conflict

  My research area is psychology of: persuasion, deception, fraud etc. I have an interest in other connected areas – decision making under risk, altruistic punishment, self-regulation…   I am not an expert in politics or psychology of war. I… Continue Reading →

About fleecing them for all they’re worth

There is an initiative by the Slovene Tax Authorities to tax … carpooling, essentially. Here is the link to the article (in Slovene language): dnevnik.si There is a platform similar to uber operating in Slovenia. People advertise where they will be… Continue Reading →

About educational policy

There is an article in the Guardian, titled: “Advent of Google means we must rethink our approach to education” I generally agree with the premise that we could change the education process, but I think this article is somewhat skewed…. Continue Reading →

About amateur psychotherapy and support groups

    I am participating in a longish discussion in a forum, where one of the things said made me write about something I’ve been upset about for a while now [things in brackets changed by me].     …… Continue Reading →

A peer-review phishing scam

I thought you would be interested to know about a very interesting scam that has been going around lately (well, interesting from my perspective, I research scams for a living 🙂 ). It is in a form of a very… Continue Reading →

The need for a centralised ID?

First of all there is no disputing that defining virtual identity is a hard task and that some virtual inhabitants will abuse the privileges of anonymity. This is not something I would wish to contend. However, connecting a RL person to their posts is not all that straightforward nor very simple.

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