Omega Seamaster PRO Chronograph (2599.80.00)

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4 Responses to Omega Seamaster PRO Chronograph (2599.80.00)

  1. Mark Bailey says:

    Good Morning David
    I cam across your brilliant article on the Omega 300m chronograph rep. I’ve recently managed to buy a franken one, and ideally want to make it water tight.
    My question is, is there an actual hole for the HE valve or is it a mock one? Also would i need to re grease the internal gaskets on the pushers? I assume you dismantle from inside.
    Appreciate any feedback you have
    Cheers Mark – Nottingham

    • David Modic says:

      Hi Mark,
      Congrats on buying a franken. There usually is a hole for the HeV. Especially if you have the genuine case. Even if you don’t, I have three SMPC’s and they all have HeV holes. One usual solution is to marine epoxy it shut.You will need to gut it first. I tend to remove the innards of the valve and keep only the cap, then epoxy the hole and while it is drying, screw in the valve cap.
      It would be better to grease the gaskets of the pushers, yes. An even better solution is to replace them with genuine ones (you can find them for about 20EUR each, used), and grease those. A better quality rep has the same dimensions of pushers and has the same screw-in method as the gen.
      In any case, when you do proper WR testing (with water), do take out the mechanism. In my experience, if there is a failure, the front (or the back if it exists) crystal gets blown out. Which means your mechanism will be soaked. It is soaked with distilled water, so not a huge deal, but you will definitively need to strip it, dry it and lube it with proper oils. Therefore either spend 10 minutes or potentially spend 15 hours servicing it.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Mark Bailey says:

    Thanks David
    Appreciate your help, because its been owned by quite a few previous owners i have no real idea if anyone did the HE mod. I assume you remove the C clip to dismantle the pushers?
    I’ll keep you posted
    Cheers Mark

    • David Modic says:

      Hi Mark,

      It depends on the quality of the rep. The genuine pushers are screwed in and do have a c-clip on the inside, yes. If you replace the pusher casing then you do not have to remove the c-clip. Thank you for keeping me posted, let me know how you get on.

      Kind Regards,

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