Omega Seamaster PRO GMT (2535.80.00) Revisited (Update #3)

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  1. Cornelius Eschany says:

    my respect to this great and detailed watch that it has even reached me to germany in the south black forest celebrity ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I own a omega 007, which was broken after an accident, the demanding housing, including bezel. then obviously the ex-owner has a new housing request part can be adapted from the mark mark & โ€‹โ€‹sons the 007 clock cover and the dial are still original and I can not say with certainty whether the clockwork was not defective after the accident and also swapped. My problem now is that I want to put the clock back to its original state or a decent and reasonable omega state but I do not have a suitable fore housing now I am also a disease-related retirees and my budget leaves much to be desired
    my question to you / you specialists would be how I should proceed here and which housing would offer part of the pictures here pictures of the clock I deliver at the beginning of the week when I’m back home

    • David Modic says:

      Hi dude,
      If you want original housing you will have to pay for it, I am sorry to say. The chances of people replacing housing as a part of a regular service are vanishingly small, so it is not likely that you would be able to get a used replacement part from an omega service boutique. You could look on eBay for a broken watch and buy that, but it is likely that that would cost you more than just buying new case. These cases are often restricted, but even if you find one that isn’t expect to pay about 1000EUR for it. That is just the midcase, to be clear. The back, the seals, the crystal, the crown, the crown tube etc have to be bought separately. Some of this could be reused from your previous watch, for sure. The mechanism appears every once in a while on specialist sites. But that will also cost you non-trivial amounts of money. If I was you, I would have it repaired, if it is genuine Omega. That would be cheaper than buying NOS mechanism.
      Take the watch to the Omega boutique, explain what happened and ask for the watch to be assessed. Then ask for a quote. If the watch is a replica, they might seize it, but then you wouldn’t lose much money. Unless you bought it as gen, then you need to chat with the ex-owner and get your money back. A good 007 rep is what, $350? So if you are happy with a replica, buy another.

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