Stop attempting to hack my page, please.

Seriously, guys. I know it is fun, but stop trying to reset my wordpress password. There are sites out there that have a lot worse protection than this one. Why don’t you set your bots on that? If you are just some random guys, let me reassure you that my passphrase is longer than eighteen characters and not in any dictionary in the world (and I don’t mean that I just replaced i’s with 1’s. Not that I am saying that there are any i’s in my password). Let me also reassure you that the password is unique. As is the one for my email account. I am not one of the 86% of people who have one password for everything. Seriously, a lot of easier prey lying around.

Is it not random, and is it because I have an unfavourable opinion of Brexit? And you are determined to show me the error of my ways? Do you seriously believe that harassing me would make me see things in a completely different light and all of a sudden realise how misunderstood you actually are?

Are you already doxxing me, and I just haven’t noticed yet? Are my photos plastered all over white supremacist sites? Like you guys did it with N. Boyle, when he very eloquently wrote about Brexit in the New European? I highly recommend the article, by the way. I liked it a lot. I also had the misfortune of having to trawl through the human refuse left behind in the “alt-right” forums for the police investigation that you provoked. You know, with all the death threats and 1 am calls to his home? The number of times you posted his personal details in the forums (complete with photos, home address, telephone and mobile number, photos of his wife and children…) and where his children are located with suggestions of rape and sodomy suggested to me that there might be a bit of disgruntlement with anyone not sharing your opinion.

Seriously, just stop it, if it’s you guys. You might succeed in making my life even more unpleasant than it is already, but what would be the point? It would probably not make me leave sooner and I would certainly not like England more because of it.

[replaced malicious code]

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