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O poceni kreditih kot razlogu za ostajanje v Sloveniji

[…]bi po eni od javnomnenjskih raziskav kar tretjina Slovencev odšla v kakšno drugo državo. Pavle Gantar: Če bi bile razmere res tako slabe, bi verjetno odšli. To anketno vprašanje ima po mojem nekaj metodoloških problemov. Vprašati bi jih morali tudi, … Continue reading

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About amateur psychotherapy and support groups

    I am participating in a longish discussion in a forum, where one of the things said made me write about something I’ve been upset about for a while now [things in brackets changed by me].     … … Continue reading

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A peer-review phishing scam

I thought you would be interested to know about a very interesting scam that has been going around lately (well, interesting from my perspective, I research scams for a living 🙂 ). It is in a form of a very … Continue reading

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