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Leaving Cambridge

After five years and a bit, we are leaving Cambridge. It is somewhat bitter-sweet parting. I’ve met some good friends here and people that I genuinely like (and some of them seem to like me). I’ve met a bunch of … Continue reading

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Brexit postmortem as it is happening

    Well. Hard to say anything really. I was ambivalent before and still am. On one hand I am childishly expecting the screws to start tightening, on another I still cannot believe someone could be so insane. The markets … Continue reading

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About stealing articles and free knowledge

There was recently an article about a Russian researcher running an article hub, here. In a nutshell, they made most of the world’s scanned journal articles available online, free of charge. I say ‘made’, because while the site is still live, … Continue reading

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After Paris

I actually wrote this some weeks ago. But it is still topical. D I keep seeing posts on the Internet about how it isn’t good that the person or person(s) responsible for the Paris attacks had their passport stamped in … Continue reading

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About academic fraud

I have done a presentation for a web-security firm in 2011. The presentation is here, and it is live, my voice and picture included. I talked to a crowded room. I was nervous but it went fine. Recently, I needed … Continue reading

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Improving the science

Here is a post about how science could be improved. To sum up: Stop people from hitching themselves up on work of other, junior, researchers (stop ghost or honorific authorship). Rethink REF and implement other measures of academic merit Support … Continue reading

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About fleecing them for all they’re worth

There is an initiative by the Slovene Tax Authorities to tax … carpooling, essentially. Here is the link to the article (in Slovene language): There is a platform similar to uber operating in Slovenia. People advertise where they will be … Continue reading

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O plagiatih in odgovornosti

V Dnevniku je 25.02.2013 objavljen tale članek: Plagiat je najprej huda sramota za mentorja Mislim, kako je to najprej huda sramota za mentorja? Malo treznega razmišljanja, prosim. Kot sem že večkrat rekel: npr. na področju psihologije na leto izide 60.000 … Continue reading

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David Modic, PhD

Štiri leta. Štiri leta! Če vštejemo prijave, čakanje, organizacijo financiranja, intervjuje.., potem šest! Od trenutka, ko sem prvič vstopil v svojo pisarno in se instantno spričkal s sistemcem, ker mi ni hotel dat mrežnega kabla za moj leptop (“Univerza ne … Continue reading

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O statistiki nezaposlenosti

“LJUBLJANA – Zavod za zaposlovanje se je pohvalil z nižjo junijsko brezposelnostjo že peti mesec zapored, brezposelnih pa je po uradnih evidencah 105.630, kar je dobrih deset tisoč manj, kot jih je bilo januarja.” …”Za osebe, ki niso aktivni iskalci … Continue reading

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Karlova igra

“Po mednarodnem pravu uživajo predsedniki vlad, držav in zunanji ministri popolno imuniteto, ki jih odvezuje tudi pričanja v sodnih procesih,”  Dagmar Albegger, tiskovna predstavnica avstrijskega ministrstva za pravosodje.  Sedaj je torej igra malo bolj jasna. O Plagiatorju ne bi izgubljal … Continue reading

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About amateur psychotherapy and support groups

    I am participating in a longish discussion in a forum, where one of the things said made me write about something I’ve been upset about for a while now [things in brackets changed by me].     … … Continue reading

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A peer-review phishing scam

I thought you would be interested to know about a very interesting scam that has been going around lately (well, interesting from my perspective, I research scams for a living 🙂 ). It is in a form of a very … Continue reading

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