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The abuse of science

In this case it all starts with a screenshot of a poll. Here it is. I do not know more about this than that. A “science communicator” posts it online. Without a link to the source or the opinion piece … Continue reading

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O tem kako “vsi” “lažejo”.

Moja poanta sicer ni bila ali obstaja opioidna “kriza” ali ne. Tudi ne poznam nikogar, ki bi zanikal, da so opioidi problem, tako kot jih naslavljamo zdaj. Je pa res, da je moje mnenje verjetno obarvano z več leti dela … Continue reading

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About vaccine scepticism

In the past weeks I have been bludgeoned with vaccine scepticism several times. In most cases I stumbled into those conversations totally unsuspecting, as I assumed that rational people know that it is preferrable to take a miniscule risk now … Continue reading

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O nedovoljenih posegih v prvobitnost človeka in COVID-19

Vsake toliko časa nas, zainteresirano javnost, kdo malce poduči o pandemiji. Če kliknete na sliko boste videli cel post, tukaj pa citiram samo dele, na katere se odzivam. Iz nekega razloga ne morem napisati mnenja pod napisanim, pa ga objavljam … Continue reading

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About stealing articles and free knowledge

There was recently an article about a Russian researcher running an article hub, here. In a nutshell, they made most of the world’s scanned journal articles available online, free of charge. I say ‘made’, because while the site is still live, … Continue reading

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