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The Double Red Sea-dweller (ref 1665)

This is an iconic watch from Rolex. You can read about the history of the model here. I will just recap. Sea-dwellers were meant to cater to the niche market of the saturation divers, that is people who needed something… Continue Reading →

Playing with the Hulk (116610LV)

The green Rolex Submariner, serial number 116610LV (for Lunette Verte, i.e. the green bezel), also called ‘The Hulk’, because it is big and green :). They are relatively recent model from Rolex. I am sure one can google it, but… Continue Reading →

Playing with the Submariner (update)

So, this is a followup from a previous post about the subs I bought. There was some more stuff I wanted to do: Swap the movement for the VR/SA3135, the new version of the Noob 3135 clone. It is getting… Continue Reading →

Playing with the Submariner

So, I already own a DSSD and a SD43, but I thought perhaps the regular submariner (116610LN) is the way to go. Submariners have a long, illustrious history. They first went on sale in 1955 and have gone through many… Continue Reading →

The no-deal rationale

A narrative emerges: “The EU anti tax avoidance laws will come into action soon, therefore the UK billionaires want to get the UK out of the EU asap with no extension to ART50”. Panama papers shoud give one a clue… Continue Reading →

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