Playing with the Submariner

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  3. Steven Wright says:

    I have the the arf version 116610. Bezel is off and even with the click springs in it will not snap on. Is there a retainer or something I am overlooking? Thanks for any advice!

    • David Modic says:

      Hi Stephen,
      I would need to see it to be sure but two things come to mind:
      – The hyrtel ring is in the way.
      – I had an issue with the VRF bezel where I needed to actually put the bezel on the crystal ring, before I pressed the crystal ring in. It did not go on any other way. No way, seriously, I used a large vice, nothing, simply no way, but to remove the crystal ring and then put the bezel under it.

      Hope this helps (I think I have written about it in the playing with the hulk post).

  4. dennis says:

    great read ,i wish somebody would serviced mine sub noob v7 . but its kinda hard to find a good and trusted person here in the netherlands.
    even though i bought it a week ago new , but if im correct , the v7 are made 4 years ago…

    • David Modic says:

      I have a v7 too. They are very well repped, generally. My v7 was bought in 2017, I think, and I bought it last year over M2M. I replaced the movement, the crystal, the hands, the insert, the gaskets, the bezel assembly and the insert (three times :), I kept losing the pearl or breaking it). It is now remarkably accurate time-wise.
      Good luck with the search for a watchmaker.

      Kind Regards,

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